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Network Activity Monitoring

Reduced productivity of employees can be a great concern for organizations, as it directly impacts the return
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Network Activity Monitoring
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16 September 2011

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This is tool that helps monitor many other desktops from a central system.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a network activity monitoring tool. It works practically as if you have video cameras capturing activities at the monitored locations and you are able to see exactly what is happening on those systems. The monitoring is done in the stealth mode thus the employees being monitored continue using their system normally. You thus get a true picture of what they use their machines for throughout the day. Besides productive work, if personnel are taking time to goof off playing online games, chatting, shopping, social networking, or any other work then the activities are recorded completely. The central monitoring station can display the activity on-screen of these monitored machines and you are able to look at a display as if you are looking into security camera footage at multiple locations.

For those times when active monitoring is not possible, recording can be made and stored for future reference. One could assert administrative controls over these remote computers by way of actions such as close it, lock it, restart it, start screen saver and remove wallpaper, etc. If you need to warn the employee or call him urgently instant warnings/messages could be posted quickly. This network PC monitor tool helps closely watch employee performance and questionable employee activities. Safeguarding of intellectual property and sensitive company information also can be done effectively. This tool should help watch for security breach as well. This is a useful tool when monitoring of multiple computers is required.

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer is the fantabulous network activity monitoring tool, which works as a surveillance camera for computers. The tool is called surveillance camera for computers because when it works employees never know about it due to which they continue using computers in their routine manner. For example, if employees have decided a time for playing online games, chatting, shopping, social networking, or any other work, then they continue doing that at the same time, as they are unaware about the fact they are being spied.

The network activity monitoring tool remotely captures employees desktop activities that are displayed at viewer’s PC in real time. The motto of providing images of the employees’ activities to the viewer in real time is to help the viewer catch the employees in real time, so that they cannot deny from the fact of wasting time.
There can be times when the viewer is busy doing other task. At that time, s/he will not be able to view employees activities live. Developers of the network activity monitoring tool were aware of this fact that is why they had embedded the feature of offline recording in the software. Using the offline recording feature, employees’ activities can be recorded to view later.

The network activity monitoring tool provides full access of employees PC to the viewer. The software can be installed on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and earlier versions to monitor employees’ activities.
Network Activity Monitoring
Network Activity Monitoring
Version 11.02
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